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Online Mixes

Feel free to download a mix/podcast. Feel free to go directly to my podomatic page at patrickscientific.podomatic.com or check one of these web sites below
"Changing The Game" Blog
The Audio Infusion.
LaStreet Promotions.

Online Mixes

The Enhanced Podcasts at Patrickscientific.com

I have decided to do an enhanced podcast about 3-4 times a year. The people at Soilsound (Toao and V) have inspired me to do this.
To subscribe all you have to do is put this URL below in your iTunes (or Podcast software) to subscribe.



Please take this opportunity to download a mix from below. All of these mixes are being streamed from Pod-O-Matic and my page there is http://patrickscientific.podomatic.com


I've had the good fortune of having a Downtempo/Lounge mix accepted by my friends at SoilSound. All of their enhanced podcasts are being streamed from http://SoilSoundChronicles.com and there web site is http://www.SoilSound.com


If its Dance music and House music that you're looking for then look no further. ClubHeadsRadio.com is Crystal Waters Internet Radio Station and I have provided several mixes that have been played there and still continue to be played there. Feel free to listen to the web stream for great music and maybe a mix or two of mine.

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