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9 May

Episode 8 – Do you need a record label?

Internet and downloading music

Question: As a recording artist right now, do you really need a record label?


This is a very interesting topic right now if you are an artist or if you are trying to start a record label. We first need to understand what record labels do and can do for you. Record labels can help you sell units (we will use the term units since one can buy CDs, records and now MP3s). They can also provide you with national and international distribution as well. They are great machines in the promotion of music. Some have the infrastructure to make you a star but some demand you give up creative control in the process. What if you did not need anything a record label had to offer…then what? Prestige, the ability of offload all that stuff to the record label or just to say your on a major or minor label. Hmmm (more…)