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6 March

Episode 6 – DJ Competitions

Question: How do you know who the best Hip Hop DJ in the world is?

Tony Prince

Tony Prince

The usual way to find out the best of something is with a competition. Well, we’ll start there. Disco Mix Club b.k.a. DMC, not to be confused with legendary rapper Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC fame, started out having DJ contests in the early 1980s. The contests were for dance music DJs. That all changed when DJ Cheese entered in 1986 and introduced scratching to that contest. DJ Cheese won that year. It set a new precedence for the DJ competition and this became a pivotal point in DMC too. I’m sure the staff at DMC was wondering “Do we continue to allow Hip Hop DJs in this competition or try to get back the old format?” Tony Prince president of DMC and the rest of the DMC staff thought about it and decided to change the contest to be a Hip Hop DJ contest and the rest is history. The prestige of DMC eventually rose to the point where if you won DMC then you were the best in the world. (more…)