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4 November

Episode 2 – Sampleing Laws

Sampling Laws

Question: Why is it so important to make sure your samples are cleared? What happens if you don’t?

Biz Markie - I Need A HaircutThis person found that out for us… the hard way. In 1991 Biz Markie changed Hip-Hop and the entire music industry when he sampled Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again” for his song entitled “Alone Again” and stuck the song on his album entitled “I Need A Hair Cut.” Biz Markie did this with out getting that sample cleared. Let’s also realize that he just had a platinum single in “Just A Friend” and a gold album in “The Biz Never Sleeps.” He had the potential to sell another million records on his next album. In his defense, rumor has it that Biz Markie and/or Warner Brothers at least tried to contact O’Sullivan to get the sample cleared but O’Sullivan was in solitude and no one was really able to contact him. After O’Sullivan and/or his record label found out about this song and uncleared sample there was a lawsuit between Grand Upright Music, Ltd v. Warner Bros. Records Inc. in which Warner Bros. (which is the label that Biz Markie was on) at the time lost. (more…)