Episode 3 – The first female MC (performed by Mia Renee)

Who is the 1st Female Hip Hop MC?

Sha Rock

Sha Rock

Mia Renee

Mia Renee

Hip Hop is an artistic culture that originated in the 1970s and has blossomed to become a worldwide phenomenon. However, Hip hop has had some significant changes over the past 4 decades. So DJ Patrick Scientific, Strictly Hip Hop and ya girl Mia Renee, that’s me, have come together to bring you a special person that has changed Hip Hop… To put is short. This person Changed The Game!

Question: Who is the first female MC? (It is not Salt-N-Pepa or Queen Latifah or Lil Kim)

To be honest all female MCs and DJs should know the answer to this but in general all hip-hip fans should know the answer to this. If you ask who is the first black modern day baseball player in Major League Baseball that answer comes out easily. (It’s Jackie Robinson if you don’t know)

To put it simply about 30+ years ago in the 1970s a young Sharon Green b.k.a. MC Sha Rock became the 1st Female Pioneer Luminary MC on the mic when she rocked at a Kool Herc party. Let’s make sure we understand what I’m saying. I’m sure there were other females out there that could rap but Sha Rock was the 1st to pick up a mic at a major party and make a stand for all female MCs to follow. Ced-Gee of the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs said “She had the realness, Sha Rock made females relevant…She set the tone so that female MCs would be taken seriously.” With this in mind the has earned the right to be called the 1st female MC.

Sha-Rock herself considers Wanda Dee, Debbie D, Sherrie Sher and herself to be the first bloodline of Hip Hop. Again if you are a female MC or DJ you should know this… just because.

1st Bloodline of Hip Hop - Sha Rock, Wanda Dee, Debbie D, Sherrie Sher

1st Bloodline of Hip Hop - Sha Rock, Wanda Dee, Debbie D, Sherrie Sher

Since Hip-Hop was and still is today a very male oriented art form Sha Rock started in a group called The Funky 4 + 1. However, The Funky 4 + 1 became the first rap group to to be on national television/Saturday Night Live with Blondie/aka Deborah Harry “1981” and has the longest recorded Hip-Hop song “Rapping And Rocking The House” which is about 16 minutes… even longer than Rappers Delight’s long version.

Sha Rock Book Cover

The Story Of The Beginning and End Of The First Hip Hop Female MC...Luminary Icon Sha-Rock

For more information about Sha Rock you can buy her book entitled “The Story Of The Beginning and End Of The First Hip Hop Female MC…Luminary Icon Sha-Rock

But simply put… before there were no female MCs that you could take seriously and then after Sha Rock, female MCs became relevant… To put it in more relevant terms Nicki Minaj, Roxanne Shante, Lil Kim, Ms. Stress, Rita J, Jewel from Strictly Hip Hop are now relevant because of Sha Rock

If you have any discrepancies to what you just heard, comments on what you just heard or have new ideas on who or what changed hip hop then send an email to patrick@patrickscientific.com

This is Mia Renee and until next time peace

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  • http://illstreetgrooves.com dj RBI

    Yeah, Sha Rock was the 1st & she was DOPE! Listen to those Funky 4 + 1 More joints… matter ‘fact, the whole crew was dope (I am a fantic of Double Trouble!)

  • http://www.RockawaysFinestMedia.ning.com Eva Marie King, MS

    I love the article on MC Sha-Rock and I will share it with her tomorrow. Thanks for showing love, all the best to you Mia and Patrick.

    Eva Marie King, MS
    Media and Public Relations Consultant/Writer for MC Sha-Rock

    • Patrick Scientific


      No problem. Sha-Rock deserves it and most importantly she earned it.


  • dropajewel

    I think being crowned the first female mc is an honor. People today are still sexist pricks who dont give woman credit for anything, let alone spitting. Im glad Sha Rock gets her props finally! The real question is…where are the female producers in hip hop? To be continued….

  • http://www.ritajmusic.wordpress.com Rita J

    I totally agree, Sha-Rock was 1st!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/wisemath Wise Math

    Yo this is dope!

    People should give definite praises to Sha Rock to be the first woman to grace the mic in a Hip Hop setting.

    I appreciate you shining light on the pioneers, Patrick…PEACE

  • http://www.ckln.fm DJ MelBoogie

    Thanks for writing the dope article Patrick – I’d TOTALLY have to agree that Sha Rock takes the title of being the first. If we have more pioneers connecting with the younger female MCs I’m sure you’d see more diversity in the type of MC and content hitting the airwaves. In Canada it was Michie Mee who was a female pioneer on the mic – and did shows with KRS-One and Scott LaRock, and was even in the Ladies First video!! She’s still holding it down, but at that time there was no one, male or female, who did it like Michie.

    Keep it up Patrick!!!

    Blessings from Toronto :)

    • Patrick Scientific

      DJ Mel Boogie: It sounds like an article about Michie Mee is in order. Holla at me!

  • Kinny Mack

    Patrick, thanks for shooting this link my way. I have known about the Funky Four + 1 back in the days. Sha Rock is definitely an emcee that hasn’t really gotten her due in the respect of being recognized as the first female to rock the mic. She definitely gets the recognization for being in the group Funky Four + 1, however as a stand-alone female emcee I don’t think she has gotten her props.

    It’s like that in the rap game though, there aren’t really that many female emcees that have done it on their own, without a male rapper’s/producer/deejay’s help. It’s been touched on by various media, that a female emcee can’t really get put on unless they’re put on by their male counterpart. There is only one female rapper that’s been out on a mainstream level that I can think of that has gotten on without a male emcee’s/or well known male hip-hop producer’s help and that’s Khia—-sad to say but true. I could be mistaken…but think about it.

  • http://www.Dont4getTheE.blogspot.com Emperess

    You are absolutely correct, sir! Like I mentioned, alot of folk had Roxanne Shante as the first. Dope input. Glad someone is actually educating folk about stuff like this.

  • http://www.twitter.com/djearth1ne Dj Earth 1ne

    Sha_Rock Luminary Emcee #1 recognize!

  • http://www.goddessempireentertainment.com/wanda.htm WANDA DEE

    SHA-ROCK is one of the best to have ever picked up a microphone and she set the bar really high from the beginning as Hip Hop’s very first female MC. Coming up together through the ranks in the 80’s was rough, but worth it… She as the first female MC in the game and me, as it’s first female DJ, was not so much because we were trying to make history, because we were having far too much fun making HERstory.

    SHA-ROCK’s flow has always been like butter, smooth as can be, and highly articulate (understanding every single word). She was an inspiration to many a females now in the game who followed in her wake (myself, Debbie Dee, Pebblee Poo, Sparky Dee, The Mercedes Ladies, Roxanne Shante, The Real Roxanne, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Monie Love, Yo-Yo, Lauren Hill, Li’l Kim, Eve, Nicki Minaj and a host of others); some of whome may have enjoyed greater commercial $uccess due to the corporate machines that they had behind them, but most falling short of her excellent skill, power, passion, precision & poignancy on the mic.

    Having recently met her at Monroe High School where we were both pictorially depicted on a Hip Hop memorial mural hand painted by the students in their lunch room on whom they recognize to be the founding Fathers and Mothers of Hip Hop from the core of it’s cradle their in The Bronx (http://www.groundswellmural.org/Public_Art_Projects/2004/2004_the_true.html); my hubsand & manager, ERIC FLOYD organized to have as many of us there as possible who were on that wall (of which SHA-ROCK and I were the only two female faces up there alongside AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, GRANDMASTER FLASH & KOOL HERC). It was truly an honor.

    SHA-ROCK’s voice is still fire and visually, she’s still a stunner! I was both humbled and honored to know her, come up in the game with her and to love her sincerely as my sistah! I thank her for not only showing us the way, but for making one.

    My sincere attitude of gratitude to the dynamic Mia Renee for the great interview and Patrick for this marvelous platform by which to distribute it to the masses that need to recognize and remain ever cognizant of who the true pioneers and veterans are of this multi-billion dollar, multi-media machine known as HIP HOP!

    As a headliner now in Las Vegas, where our company, GODDESS EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT Produces ‘The Hippest Trip On The Strip’ with my husband’s show; Eric Floyd’s OLD SCHOOL PARTY (http://www.goddessempireentertainment.com/OldSchool.htm), we certainly hope to have her on board some of our shows in the new year ahead; because our SRO audiences would surely be in for a treat. I wish her continued health, wealth & harmony of home, heart, business & spirit… she has done us all proud!

    God(dess) with you always,

    The Goddess

  • MC Debbie D

    Great article! Salute to my Us Girls band mate, Sha Rock. Find out more about Hip Hop Matriarch, MC Debbie D at http://www.MCDebbieD.com and other women in hip hop at http://www.UsGirlsCan.com. To all my sisters in hip hop, stand on my shoulders!