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3 July

Episode 9 – Production techniques (Chopped Sample and Rearrangement)

Ced Gee from The Ultramagnetic MCs – Production techniques (Chopped Sample and Rearrangement)

Ced Gee

Ced Gee

Production techniques have evolved over time in Hip Hop but at times there have been instances which have sparked an evolutionary jump. In a previous Changing The Game episode, I talked about how 9th wonder evolved software based production but time we are going to talk about a hardware based producer.


15 January

Episode 4 – Software Based Production

When did “software based production” get popular in Hip Hop?

9th Wonder

9th Wonder

This is a very interesting topic but this all can be traced to one person, 9th Wonder. Back in the 1970’s when Hip Hop started everyone was rhyming over disco music. Just looping an R&B or Disco song was good enough. Beat machines were the next phase in Hip Hop. Legendary producer Kurtis Mantronik of the Hip Hop group Mantronix was a producer who popularized the The Roland TR 808 and TR 909 beat machines in the 1980’s. Then sampling became the thing to do and it was all hardware based and that hardware was very expensive to purchase. The Large Professor at 18 years of age asked his mother to purchase E-mu SP-1200 Drum Machine/Sampler which became a popular in the 1990’s. She agreed but in the process had to max out 3 credit cards for him to get it. As sampling (and getting those samples cleared – Check Episode 2 for more detail) became more of a dominant thing in Hip Hop music the hardware that was used to make music got better. (more…)

4 November

Episode 2 – Sampleing Laws

Sampling Laws

Question: Why is it so important to make sure your samples are cleared? What happens if you don’t?

Biz Markie - I Need A HaircutThis person found that out for us… the hard way. In 1991 Biz Markie changed Hip-Hop and the entire music industry when he sampled Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again” for his song entitled “Alone Again” and stuck the song on his album entitled “I Need A Hair Cut.” Biz Markie did this with out getting that sample cleared. Let’s also realize that he just had a platinum single in “Just A Friend” and a gold album in “The Biz Never Sleeps.” He had the potential to sell another million records on his next album. In his defense, rumor has it that Biz Markie and/or Warner Brothers at least tried to contact O’Sullivan to get the sample cleared but O’Sullivan was in solitude and no one was really able to contact him. After O’Sullivan and/or his record label found out about this song and uncleared sample there was a lawsuit between Grand Upright Music, Ltd v. Warner Bros. Records Inc. in which Warner Bros. (which is the label that Biz Markie was on) at the time lost. (more…)