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9 May

Episode 8 – Do you need a record label?

Internet and downloading music

Question: As a recording artist right now, do you really need a record label?


This is a very interesting topic right now if you are an artist or if you are trying to start a record label. We first need to understand what record labels do and can do for you. Record labels can help you sell units (we will use the term units since one can buy CDs, records and now MP3s). They can also provide you with national and international distribution as well. They are great machines in the promotion of music. Some have the infrastructure to make you a star but some demand you give up creative control in the process. What if you did not need anything a record label had to offer…then what? Prestige, the ability of offload all that stuff to the record label or just to say your on a major or minor label. Hmmm (more…)

13 February

Episode 5 – End of 1st Generation Of Hip Hop

Question: When did the 1st Generation or era of Hip Hop end?

Kool Moe Dee VS. Busy Bee

Kool Moe Dee VS. Busy Bee

Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Chief Rocker Busy Bee

We first have to start at the 1st Generation Generation of Hip Hop. This is the era that started Hip Hop and everyone from this era needs to be respected at all times. This is the era when the DJs were the main attraction and MCs brought light to how good the DJs were. Eventually one MC started to shine above everyone else and that was Chief Rocker Busy Bee who was MC to Grand Wizzard Theodore, inventor of scratching. For the record, I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting the Busy Bee and Grand Wizzard Theodore and they are both great people and represent Hip Hop to the fullest. (more…)

11 December

Episode 3 – The first female MC (performed by Mia Renee)

Who is the 1st Female Hip Hop MC?

Sha Rock

Sha Rock

Mia Renee

Mia Renee

Hip Hop is an artistic culture that originated in the 1970s and has blossomed to become a worldwide phenomenon. However, Hip hop has had some significant changes over the past 4 decades. So DJ Patrick Scientific, Strictly Hip Hop and ya girl Mia Renee, that’s me, have come together to bring you a special person that has changed Hip Hop… To put is short. This person Changed The Game!

Question: Who is the first female MC? (It is not Salt-N-Pepa or Queen Latifah or Lil Kim)

To be honest all female MCs and DJs should know the answer to this but in general all hip-hip fans should know the answer to this. If you ask who is the first black modern day baseball player in Major League Baseball that answer comes out easily. (It’s Jackie Robinson if you don’t know) (more…)

4 November

Episode 2 – Sampleing Laws

Sampling Laws

Question: Why is it so important to make sure your samples are cleared? What happens if you don’t?

Biz Markie - I Need A HaircutThis person found that out for us… the hard way. In 1991 Biz Markie changed Hip-Hop and the entire music industry when he sampled Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again” for his song entitled “Alone Again” and stuck the song on his album entitled “I Need A Hair Cut.” Biz Markie did this with out getting that sample cleared. Let’s also realize that he just had a platinum single in “Just A Friend” and a gold album in “The Biz Never Sleeps.” He had the potential to sell another million records on his next album. In his defense, rumor has it that Biz Markie and/or Warner Brothers at least tried to contact O’Sullivan to get the sample cleared but O’Sullivan was in solitude and no one was really able to contact him. After O’Sullivan and/or his record label found out about this song and uncleared sample there was a lawsuit between Grand Upright Music, Ltd v. Warner Bros. Records Inc. in which Warner Bros. (which is the label that Biz Markie was on) at the time lost. (more…)